Winter Olympics Extra

When the 2014 Olympics kick off in Sochi, and an extra day of competition; too, Russia on Feb. The largest; version of the Winter Games to date; 6 it will be.

The ski halfpipe, twelve new events across eight disciplines will debut in Sochi, ski slopestyle, snowboard slopestyle, snowboard parallel slalom, ski jumping of women, biathlon mixed relay, figure skating event of a new team, and luge team relay. The International Olympic Committee added, the events including many X-Games equivalent events for 2014, to provide a newer, fresher, and youthful flair to the games.

Eventually, this was a halfpipe event on skis. Picture Shaun White doing flips, jumps, twists, and taking turns on a snowboard; doing the same maneuvers on skis, picture him. For two final runs, as the field; is narrowed down to 12 skiers, competitors go one at a time on two separate runs in the preliminaries to qualify. The height they reach above half-pipe, due to this Judges score on takeoff, landing, and; the difficulty of trick. Based on the highest score, Winners are ranked, which scores; are derived from the two final runs.

As they move through a downhill course, Skiers perform tricks in slopestyle with features such as rails, boxes, bumps, and big jumps. Through the whole course, athletes can select their line; these features are designed; in a way. After each run, five judges give each athlete a score that basis on the overall impression of the run, which includes the sequences of tricks, the amount of risk in the habitual work. The judges stop into consideration; also take falls mistakes.

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