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The UK-based startup Twig has recently secured a $35 million investment from US-based venture capital fund EulomaTech. This major funding boost is sure to help Twig continue to grow and expand, both in the UK and globally. Founded in 2018, the company has developed an innovative platform that helps businesses increase their efficiency through automation. Thanks to this fresh injection of capital, the firm can now take its services to even greater heights. ukbased twig 35m us eulomastechcrunch

The UK-based Twig has just announced that they have secured a huge $35m investment from the US-based EulomaTech. This move marks a major milestone for Twig and is a testament to their innovative technology solutions that have been gaining traction in recent years. With this new influx of funds, Twig will be able to further develop their products and expand into new markets. ukbased twig 35m us eulomastechcrunch

The UK-based company Twig has just secured a massive $35M investment from the US-based venture capital firm, EulomaTech. This impressive injection of funds comes as a testament to the innovative work the team at Twig have been doing in recent times. With this raise, Twig is looking to expand their operations and scale up their product offerings.

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