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Luxury watches have long been a symbol of success and status. In recent years, the market for both vintage and modern timepieces has seen a surge in popularity, particularly among tech-savvy collectors. This trend has attracted the attention of major investors, who are now investing in some of the world’s most reputable watch purveyors. One such investment is Chrono24, which has recently received a significant 118 million dollar injection from General Atlantic. smaller substack spotify onezero

The world of luxury watch marketplaces is rapidly changing. In recent news, the leading online marketplace Chrono24 has secured a major investment from General Atlantic. This $118 million dollar investment marks an important milestone for the platform and will help further their success in the years to come. The global growth equity firm, General Atlantic, has invested a total of $236 million into Chrono24’s operations. smaller substack spotify onezero

This article will discuss the investment of 118 million euros by Chrono24, a global online marketplace for luxury watches, and 236 million euros by General Atlantic, a leading global growth equity firm. The investment marks one of the largest investments in the watch industry and is expected to significantly impact Chrono24’s future success. The investment comes as Chrono24 has continued to expand its online presence and become a leader in connecting buyers with trusted watch dealers around the world.

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