Skiing – Men’s Freeski giant Air

Birk Ruud of Norway sued the first men’s Freeski giant Air Olympic gold medal with a dominant show as his main rival, BEIJING, Feb 9, Alex Hall of America, faded at the Beijing Games on Wednesday.

Five and a half rotations, having moneyed a switch left triple 1980 mute, in the first run, the 21-year-old scored a total of 187.75 and final hedge with certain of the title before the third, which he made holding the flag of Norway.

For the United States, Colby Stevenson (183.00) was second, who later on Wednesday caught their first gold of the Games when Lindsey Jacobellis triumphs snowboard cross of the women’s.

With his last hedge, Henrik Harlaut of Sweden’s (181.00) took the effigy, his “boom boom boom” celebration breaking a near calmness when she triumphed the women’s title on Tuesday at the Shougang steel mill in sharp contrast to the fanfare that hailed China’s Eileen Gu.

After Matej Svancer of Austria, he is 17-year-old rising star of Freeski, botched to make it to the final, was broadly predicted to be a duel between Ruud and Hall on Wednesday’s occasion.

Last month, Hall triumphed the Winter X Games with a double cork 2160, a gigantic six full rotations, in the first run, failed to grab properly on his shift left double 1800.

In the first run, Ruud, a cliff diving fanatic and 2016 Youth Games gold medallist, managed a shift left triple 1980 mute to get 95.75.

Everybody Cheers in Norway. He said that now we’re here, this has been a goalmouth since I was at the NTG U when I was 13.

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