HBO Max: The 32 Best Movies to Watch

Check out movies like Last Night in Soho and The Batman, which landed in theaters before arriving on HBO Max, and see what else is on the streamer.

If you’re new to HBO Max or haven’t explored the service’s library in awhile, now’s a good time to check it out. Starting at $10 a month, a subscription gives you access to everything HBO offers, including movies that were recently in theaters. Like all its streaming rivals, HBO Max’s library of great movies changes all the time. 

We track everything coming to HBO Max each week and keep a running list of the service’s standout originals, which you can check out below. And if you’re still searching for something to watch, the platform also offers tons of art house classics from the prestigious Criterion Collection.

What’s new this week (July 25-31)

Here are the highlights.


  • We Met in Virtual Reality (2021) — Documentary filmed entirely inside the world of VR. The film reveals the growing power and intimacy of several relationships formed in the virtual world.


  • Citizen Ashe (2021) — Documentary. It chronicles Arthur Ashe’s many contributions to the sport of tennis and his human rights activism.


  • Milestone Generations (2022) — Documentary. It’s about DC and the first­ black-owned comic book company, Milestone Media.

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