Great Britain’s men’s curlers weary Switzerland with the final stone

Great Britain’s men’s curlers remain on their way for the semi-finals of the Winter Olympics after hemming past Switzerland, but the women’s team’s play-off hopes were injured by a 7-3 loss to Canada.

Eve Muirhead, Vicky Wright, Jen Dodds, and Hailey Duff mislaid their third match of six and may have to triumph in all three of their remaining games to qualify.

Earlier, Bruce Mouat’s rink weary the Swiss 6-5 with the game’s final stone.

They sit second in the standings with five triumphs and just one downfall.

Mouat, Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, and Hammy McMillan aspect unbeaten world champions Sweden at 12:05 GMT on Tuesday, where they will have the casual to go top of the table and effectively capable for the knockout rounds with two games to spare.

Before that, Muirhead’s women’s team aspect a must-win match counter to Japan (06:05) in pursuit of the six successes that would likely shield a last-four spot.

The matching counter to Jennifer Jones’ Canada – who initiate as one of the medal favorites but triumphs just two of their opening five games – was vital, given both sides’ small margin for the flaw.

It was a blow Britain botched to recover from, with Jones able to thwart Muirhead’s trials to take more than one score from an end continuously.

Canada’s score of one in the ninth gave them a conclusive three-point lead, and they added another in the last to lure level with Britain on three successes, but over them in the standings on the head-to-head trace.

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