duckduckgo 100m jan. august 2bcimpanuzdnet

Duckduckgo, the world’s leading search engine for privacy-focused web searches, has just announced they have reached over 100 million daily searches. This milestone is a testament to their ongoing commitment to providing secure and private online experiences. With rising concerns over companies collecting personal data, Duckduckgo offers users the opportunity to browse the web without any tracking or profiling of their activities. duckduckgo 100m jan. august 2bcimpanuzdnet

Since its launch in 2008, Duckduckgo has seen an impressive surge in growth thanks to its dedication of protecting user’s privacy rights. Its simple interface and easy-to-use features allow users to quickly find whatever they are looking for without feeling like their every move is being monitored. duckduckgo 100m jan. august 2bcimpanuzdnet

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